While there’s potential sources of contamination in every room in the house, leading to major threats to Indoor Air Quality, the solution is simple, effective, and affordable.  Contact the professionals from Wray’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical for Indoor Air Testing services in League City, TX and surrounding areas.  Our NATE-certified technicians utilize the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and proven testing procedures to accurately pinpoint issues and build a targeted strategy for sustainable improvement.  Accredited with the National Asthma Foundation, Wray’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical recognizes and answers the risk to you and your family’s health with industry-leading, whole-home Indoor Air Quality accessories.

Dependable Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We offer trusted indoor air quality products and systems from American Standard, such as the AccuClean whole home air filtration system. This system is certified asthma and allergy friendly, and up to 100 times more effective than standard throwaway filters. With up to a 99.98% efficiency, the AccuClean system removes airborne particles, while operating quietly.

Call our team for your indoor air quality system needs!

We’ve built our business on integrity and draw from over fifty years of industry and in-field experience.  There is no guesswork involved, and we won’t pressure you to invest in needless equipment.  Through whole-home filtration, purification, regulation of humidity levels, proper ventilation, or by concentrating on the bacteria that often thrives inside cooling systems, we ensure a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable and enjoyable indoor environment.  We also protect the integrity of home furnishings and HVAC equipment, which saves you money.  Contact Wray’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical at 281-332-2417 and learn more about your Indoor Air Quality Services.  Home and business owners across League City, Friendswood, Alvin, Santa Fe & Pearland, TX breathe easier because of us.